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Recent Accounting Pronouncements

Recent Accounting Pronouncements
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Mar. 31, 2013
Recent Accounting Pronouncements [Abstract]  
Recent Accounting Pronouncements
3. Recent Accounting Pronouncements

In July 2012, the FASB issued ASU 2012-02 – Testing Indefinite-Lived Intangible Assets for Impairments ("ASU 2012-02", which amends the guidance in ASC 350-30 on testing indefinite-lived intangible assets, other than goodwill, for impairments. FASB issued ASU 2012-12 in response to feedback on ASU 2011-08, which amended the goodwill impairment testing requirements by allowing an entity to perform a qualitative impairment assessment before proceeding to the two-step impairment test. Similarly, under ASU 2012-02, an entity testing an indefinite-lived intangible asset for impairment has the option of performing a qualitative assessment before calculating the fair value of the asset. If the entity determines, on the basis of quantitative factors, that the fair value of the indefinite-lived intangible asset is more likely than not (i.e. a likelihood of more than 50 percent) not impaired, the entity would not need to calculate the fair value of the asset. ASU 2012-02 does not revise the requirement to test indefinite-lived intangible assets annually for impairment. In addition, the ASU 2012-02 does not amend the requirement to test these assets for impairment between annual tests if there is a change in the events or circumstances; however, it does revise the examples of events and circumstances that an entity should consider in interim periods. ASU 201-02 is effective for annual and interim impairment tests performed for fiscal years beginning after September 15, 2012. Early adoption is permitted. The Company's adoption of this guidance did not have a material effect on the Company's consolidated financial statements.

Other recent accounting pronouncements issued by FASB and the SEC did not or are not believed by management to have a material impact on the Company's present or future financial statements.