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CARES Act Payroll Protection Program Loans

CARES Act Payroll Protection Program Loans
3 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2021
CARES Act Payroll Protection Program Loans  
Note 9 - CARES Act Payroll Protection Program Loans

9. CARES Act Payroll Protection Program Loans


Between April 29 and May 7, 2020, the Company obtained for each of its operating subsidiaries a loan from BBVA USA (now known as PNC Bank) pursuant to the Payroll Protection Plan (the “PPP”) which was established under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“the CARES Act”) and administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (“SBA”). The PPP loans were necessary to support ongoing operations due to current economic hardship, uncertainty, and the significant negative effects on the business operations and activity levels of the applicants attributable to COVID-19 including the impact of lockdowns, quarantines and shut-downs. The PPP loans were used primarily to restore employee pay-cuts, recall furloughed or laid-off employees, support the payroll costs for existing employees, hire new employees, and for other allowable purposes including interest costs on certain business mortgage obligations, rent and utilities. Each of the Company’s subsidiary executed a separate promissory note evidencing unsecured loans under the PPP. The following promissory notes were executed by the Company and its subsidiaries: GEE Group, Inc., for $1,992 (the “GEE Group Note”), Scribe Solutions, Inc. for $277 (the “Scribe Note”), Agile Resources, Inc. for $1,206 (the “Agile Note”), Access Data Consulting Corporation for $1,456 (the “Access Note”), Paladin Consulting, Inc. for $1,925 (the “Paladin Note”), SNI Companies, Inc. for $10,000 (the “SNI Note”), Triad Personnel Services, Inc. for $404 (the “Triad Personnel Note”), Triad Logistics, Inc. for $78 (the “Triad Logistics Note”), and BMCH, Inc. for $2,589 (the “BMCH Note”). The GEE Group Note, the Scribe Note, the Agile Note, the Access Note, the Paladin Note, the SNI Note, the Triad Personnel Note, the Triad Logistics Note, and the BMCH Note are referred to together as the “PPP Notes” and each individually as a “PPP Note”. The loans evidenced by the PPP Notes (the “PPP Loans”) are being made through BBVA as the lender.

The Company and its operating subsidiaries have been granted forgiveness of their respective outstanding PPP loans, including the Company’s last four remaining PPP loans and interest for GEE Group Inc., BMCH, Inc., Paladin Consulting, Inc., and SNI Companies, Inc., in the amounts of $2,024, $2,630, $1,956, and $10,163, respectively, which were forgiven by the SBA in December 2021. The Company recognized net gains of $16,773, in aggregate, during the three months ended December 31, 2021 as a result of the forgiveness of its last four PPP loans.


The PPP loans obtained by GEE Group Inc., as a public company, and some of its operating subsidiaries, together as an affiliated group, have exceeded the $2,000 audit threshold established by the SBA, and therefore, also will be subject to audit by the SBA in the future.  If any of the nine forgiven PPP loans are reinstated in whole or in part as the result of a future audit, a charge or charges would be incurred, accordingly, and they would need to be repaid.   If the companies are unable to repay the portions of their PPP loans that ultimately may be reinstated from available liquidity or operating cash flow, we may be required to raise additional equity or debt capital to repay the PPP loans.